Statistics vs. Positive Thinking

One of the local families we met last weekend at the Sparrow picnic recommended a book for us – Children with Spina Bifida – A Parent’s Guide, edited by Marlene Lutkenhoff. I immediately found the book on Amazon and ordered it. It arrived yesterday and I started reading it today. Despite all the complications and […]

And We Have a Birth Date!

I must say, not knowing the gender or arrival date of either of our other two children, it’s VERY weird to know the gender, have a planned birth date, and have the name publicly known! New normal, right? Today we met with our WONDERFUL OBGYN, Dr. Nancy Herta. We were SO glad to be able […]

Consultation with the RNICU Neonatologist

Today we went for our consultation at the RNICU (Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and met with Dr. Said Omar, the head Neonatologist at Sparrow. It was quite informative and answered a good chunk of our questions about Colten’s care after he is delivered, and a few about the surgery itself. There are still many […]

What the Doula?!

On Saturday, Richard and I had our second meeting with our Doula, Christin, from In Harmony Doula. This was a late-addition to our pre-natal team and was by complete chance. Christin had a flyer up at Greenhouse Birth Center advertising her services for free for moms due in October and November. I had recently met […]

A Tale of Two Cities

Today was an interesting day – a welcoming into one community and a farewell to another. We started the day at a picnic for the Sparrow Clinic that treats kids with Spina Bifida. What good timing that this picnic took place after we found out about Colten’s diagnosis, but before we’ve been thrown into the […]

Diagnostic Ultrasound

As mentioned, we had a full diagnostic ultrasound done on September 18, 2012, exactly one month before our due date. This is what led to the diagnosis of Spina Bifida, and the revelation of our third child being a boy. In order to lay the groundwork for what is coming our way, I wanted to […]

Half Full or Half Empty?

So my husband and I appear to be approaching this Spina Bifida diagnosis in two very different ways, which is typical of our personality styles… I am envisioning that Colten will be born, have a simple surgery to remove a cyst/sac, and we’ll go on with our lives. If it is anything more than that, […]