First Zoo Trip!

Finally could get all three carseats in our Jeep Liberty since Colten can now back-lie! We will use the carbed for some upcoming longer drives but hope to be able to travel now as a family. Although Colten’s seat sits between Parker & Max. It could get interesting. Both of them were ecstatic to have […]

No News is Good News!

We have been home now since last Thursday and it is SO NICE! Colten is great – eats, sleeps, poops. And does it all again. And again. And again. Besides the constant stream of stuff into diapers (we are often putting one on as he soils it), the 1-3 medical appointments each week, and the […]

We’re On Our Way Home!

Colten had two more tests before being discharged, a VCUG and an MRI. The VCUG came back showing that Colten has urinary reflux back into his kidneys. So he needs to stay on antibiotics indefinitely. Urology will follow up with us in 3-4 months; surgery will be required to correct this issue – it is […]

What the Shunt?!

We are getting discharged! Colten has a few more tests tonight – a VCUG (please don’t ask me what it stands for – go look it up if you want to know) which will test reflux into the kidneys (schedule for 3pm), and an MRI (scheduled for 4pm) that will go “tip to tail”. The […]

“I Love My Little Brother!”

This afternoon was the best afternoon we’ve had in a while… My sister brought Parker and Max up to meet Colten and allow them to spend some quality time with Richard and me. It’s been a few days since we’ve seen the boys and today was the first time they met Colten! It was truly […]