Colten’s First IFSP

When I was progressing through my teacher education classes at MSU, I was focusing on early childhood and Deaf Education, so IFSPs – Individualized Family Service Plans, were of particular interest to me. Granted, I expected to be on the “other side of the table” during these meetings! IFSPs are done when children are from […]

Helmet Fitting, Part 2

Let’s start by clearing up some misconceptions – I’ve heard so many in the past few weeks! While the helmet may in fact protect Colten’s noggin from bumps, lumps and brothers, that is not the purpose of it. Someone out there does actually make little padded hats (they resemble the early version of football helmets, […]

Helmet, Braces, and More Physical Therapy

How can I not start the post with a picture when this kid is so photogenic?! (Warning: this post is lengthy, but I scattered tons of pictures and videos throughout.) This past Thursday, Colten had his 9-month checkup with the Myelomeningocele Clinic at U of M C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. At the Myelo Clinic, each […]

Clapping, Rolling, Signing & Sitting

Bet you were wondering if we would go a whole month without posting… NOPE! Life has been very chaotic around here and I just have not had the frame of mind to sit and blog. As I sit in the older two boys’ room this evening, fighting my third bloody nose of the day, sweltering […]


Amidst all those crazy abbreviations for medical exams, today brought a weird allergic reaction, a pending test result, a fairly good test result, a series of unknown data, and an interesting observation. Oh yes, and a run-in with my favorite Mott buddies! Warning… this post is ridiculous in length. As in you might need to […]

Update on the Oddly-Shaped Head

Sub-title: Cranio Doc Calls Mom NOT Neurotic! Last week Friday, we took Colten down to Mott for an appointment we had requested to have his head shape looked at more closely. The appointment was with the pediatric neurosurgery department, since they already have had dealings with his skull/head (shunted hydrocephalus, mild Arnold Chiari II malformation […]