Update on the Oddly-Shaped Head

Sub-title: Cranio Doc Calls Mom NOT Neurotic!

Last week Friday, we took Colten down to Mott for an appointment we had requested to have his head shape looked at more closely. The appointment was with the pediatric neurosurgery department, since they already have had dealings with his skull/head (shunted hydrocephalus, mild Arnold Chiari II malformation – both common diagnoses that come with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele). We started with Dr. Maher’s nurse, Bella, and she called in one of the NP’s from the cranio clinic. After looking, feeling and chatting, the cranio nurse had an aide or nurse come in and take some pictures of Colten’s head from various angles. She would then take these to Dr. Buchman for review and call me with his feedback.

Leaving there on Friday, both Bella and the cranio NP had us feeling like the head shape was just different, not necessarily a big deal though. And while I do hope that ends up being the end result, Dr. Buchman looked at the pictures and is recommending Colten get a CT scan (or CAT scan). He said his head shape is definitely abnormal, “especially for not being a preemie”. I think, based on brief readings online, that some preemies tend to get misshapen heads if they’re required to be in their hospital beds for months at a time, laying in certain positions.

So now we wait for radiology to call us and schedule his CT scan. At that point, we’ll see if there’s an issue – or not, and discuss options from there if needed. While it is reassuring that we can get the head shape looked at more closely, and that Momma wasn’t too neurotic, CT scans deliver a huge dose of radiation compared to standard x-rays, and Colten will have to be sedated for the scan. Neither of these are desirable, yet if there is something growing in a way that brain development may be impeded, we certainly need to get it evaluated.

More to come as things develop…

Besides that, Colten is working so hard at getting that body of his to roll over, and he’s enjoying tasting some mashed up bananas these days. He’s getting more comfortable having little bits of play time on his belly and has become even more drool-soaked as he has picked up blowing bubbles. Last night at dinner he entertained his brothers so much with this antic that Parker’s laughter then made Colten laugh – and the rest of us! I cannot imagine what meals will be like with three little boys as they all get older, but if this is any indication, I’m waging bets on messy, loud, and hilarious… with tons of food!

A little eager for that banana?!

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