Surgery #10

This morning Colten had surgery #10. Thankfully, it was a simple outpatient one and we are already home! If you look back on posts, you’ll notice there is no defined surgery #9. His big 13-hour surgery this past summer was #8 (bladder work) as well as #9 (intestinal/bowel work). The primary surgical procedure for today […]

Surgery #7: Ear Tubes (again)

Surgery is not necessarily something we look forward to, especially when our children have to undergo it. However, we have been battling ear infections, repeated ear drum ruptures (twice within one month), and a tube stuck in an ear canal for at least six months. We are ready to start again on a “clean” slate. […]

The Hate/Love/Hate Relationship with the Mobile Stander

Colten got his mobile stander last week! We’ve been working on this for a few months now and were anxiously awaiting this piece of equipment. But MAN is it a Hate/Love/Hate Relationship. Let me break it down… Colten HATES getting strapped into this. He LOVES wheeling around in it. He HATES when I take him […]

Crawling Right Along

A much-delayed update… All went well with Colten’s surgery. They were able to get in laparoscopically and do part 1 of 2. Part 2 will take place in about six months. Unfortunately part 2 cannot be done laparoscopically due to all the shunt tubing in Colten’s abdomen. So he’ll get a nice long incision straight […]

Recovering, Arab-Style

I am incredibly tired so this is short. Colten’s surgery went very well. He’s doing great, back in the regular room. The probe part of the shunt, the piece that goes into the ventricles and starts the drainage process, was not functioning properly. It was early in the malfunction so they were surprised we caught […]