Diagnosis Day – Two Years Later

Two years ago, September 18, 2012, I was 35 weeks pregnant, laying on an ultrasound table, hearing a doctor tell me words I didn’t understand. Words that scared us… spina bifida, myelomeningocele, neural tube defect, hydrocephalus, disabled, clubbed feet, lemon sign, neural tube surgery, brain surgery, shunt, Chiari Malformation, urology issues, bowel issues, development issues, […]

Recovering, Arab-Style

I am incredibly tired so this is short. Colten’s surgery went very well. He’s doing great, back in the regular room. The probe part of the shunt, the piece that goes into the ventricles and starts the drainage process, was not functioning properly. It was early in the malfunction so they were surprised we caught […]

No News is Good News!

We have been home now since last Thursday and it is SO NICE! Colten is great – eats, sleeps, poops. And does it all again. And again. And again. Besides the constant stream of stuff into diapers (we are often putting one on as he soils it), the 1-3 medical appointments each week, and the […]

Booby Trapped

I’ve mentioned before that this adventure redefines normal for us and sure enough, yesterday that concept smacked me across the face. Quite a lot happened in the past day since yesterday afternoon’s post so I’ll try to catch you all up… Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), things were going pretty well. I had actually started to nurse […]