World Record for Fastest Shunt Failure?

I hope not. I hope it’s us being paranoid but I’m thinking there’s an issue with Colten’s shunt. We will be taking Colten back to Mott Children’s today at some point. There isn’t a rush but his fontanel (soft spot on top of head) is very full and tight – similar to how it was before the shunt was placed. He’s a bit more cranky today than usual. His fontanel has been more sunken in since the shunt placement so to be so protruding again is an indicator that something could be wrong with the shunt.

I called the hospital to talk with one of the neurology nurses and she said based on that and “mom’s gut”, she would recommend bringing him in at some point today. It’s not a rush, and of course if it gets better we don’t have to do it all. But he seems to also have some swelling or fluid around the pump portion of the shunt which is another indicator of a block somewhere.

So I’m waiting until Richard gets home to finalize plans but most likely I will take Colten down to Mott with a bag packed – a shunt revision means an overnight stay. They will do an MRI or ultrasound to determine if there’s an issue, if there’s a block and where the block is.

Stay tuned. More to come later after the doctors check him out.

9 thoughts on “World Record for Fastest Shunt Failure?

  1. Sorry toread about this. My prayers and thoughts are with Colton and you all. I hope this isn’t too much of an incedent. God Bless

  2. Katie, what can I say…………….you and Richard as well as all three of the boys have been in my thoughts and prayers (at some of the strangest times of day or night) since Colten decided to enter this world taking all of you on that trip to Holland. God placed Colten in the right family. He’ll never be alone. Love and hugs to all of you………………….patricia o xoxoxo

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