We are HOME!

Actually we’ve been home since late Thursday afternoon, but I’m finally getting around to having time to post something here on the blog. If you watch the Facebook page, you already knew we were home 🙂 Now we spend the next four weeks carefully making sure no other children yank, tug, or trip on the […]

Surgery #8: Day 14

It’s been a while, but that’s a good thing! Yes, we are still here at the hospital but we make steps every day getting closer to leaving! Here are the highlights from Day 9 through today… DAY 9: Had some play/work time with Occupational Therapy – he had a lot of fun but is clearly […]

Surgery #8: Day 8

Nights have been pretty rough and days are for the most part great. Colten is healing, improving, and getting challenged. This isn’t easy for him or our family and we know we still have a long road ahead. We are still in the PICU, possibly moving to the general pediatrics floor later this week. Colten […]

Surgery #8: Day 5

Today was a good day! Colten continued to progress in the right direction and as expected. The doctors continue to monitor the blood clot in his arm and bumped him up to a full dose of the anti-coagulant today. He seems to be feeling a little stronger and used both of his arms to play […]

Surgery #8: Day 4

We are now 2 days post-op (“Day 4” is based to our initial admission date, then day 2 was surgery)… And we already broke hospital rules! Our surgeon wanted Colten to get up and moving today a bit so the goal was to do some upright sitting and a short wheelchair ride. He chose the […]

Surgery #8: Day 3

Today started early. EARLY. Before I get into it, I’ll quickly recap yesterday. Wednesday, June 7: Colten was taken back into the operating room and fully sedated by 8:00 AM. Surgery lasted 13.5 hours. Because surgery crossed the 12-hour mark, they decided to leave him intubated indefinitely. We went up to his PICU room and […]