Amidst all those crazy abbreviations for medical exams, today brought a weird allergic reaction, a pending test result, a fairly good test result, a series of unknown data, and an interesting observation. Oh yes, and a run-in with my favorite Mott buddies! Warning… this post is ridiculous in length. As in you might need to […]

Kidney APPEARANCE and Kidney REFLUX are Different.

You would think this is an obvious thing, right? How your kidneys measure and appear on an ultrasound isn’t the same as how they function and process our bodily fluids. Makes sense. Apparently yesterday, I assumed one meant the other. In other words, yesterday’s post claiming “no more reflux” was a lie. All lies. So […]

Urology Fun Day

This post’s working title was “More Weird Places I’ve Breastfed My Children”. Sigh. Warning: this post talks a lot about breastfeeding, bladder function and bowel function. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these, please stop reading. There are also not many pictures today seeing as the topics are what they are 😉 This afternoon I […]