“I Love My Little Brother!”

This afternoon was the best afternoon we’ve had in a while… My sister brought Parker and Max up to meet Colten and allow them to spend some quality time with Richard and me. It’s been a few days since we’ve seen the boys and today was the first time they met Colten! It was truly […]

Maintaining the Status Quo

It’s actually been kind of boring the past couple days. In a NICU-boring sense. We are just in repair and maintain mode here – making sure Colten’s wound is healing from surgery and that he’s progressing in other areas like weight gain. Colten should get his stitches and drain port removed today by plastic surgery. […]

Onto Recovery!

It feels great to start a day on a full night’s rest. Midnight to 5 AM is a full night’s rest, right?! It certainly is more sleep than I’ve had in quite a while! We got a phone call this morning from the nurse on duty (by the way, these nurses are incredible, patient, kind […]

Surgery #1 – Fixing the Spine

Colten’s surgery was at 7:30 AM today. Prior to surgery I was able to hold him for short while, then the IV on his head had to get removed due to malfunction. It was replaced by another one in his hand. Apparently with little ones, IVs don’t often last longer than a day because the […]

Pre-Surgical Update

So today was Colten’s first full day at U of M Mott Children’s Hospital. It was a good day! The staff and environment are both fantastic. We know we’re in the right place for him. I was discharged today at about 1:00 PM, about 24 hours post c-section. This is really not appropriate, but I […]

Consultation with the RNICU Neonatologist

Today we went for our consultation at the RNICU (Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and met with Dr. Said Omar, the head Neonatologist at Sparrow. It was quite informative and answered a good chunk of our questions about Colten’s care after he is delivered, and a few about the surgery itself. There are still many […]

What the Doula?!

On Saturday, Richard and I had our second meeting with our Doula, Christin, from In Harmony Doula. This was a late-addition to our pre-natal team and was by complete chance. Christin had a flyer up at Greenhouse Birth Center advertising her services for free for moms due in October and November. I had recently met […]