Note to Our Visitors!

A huge thank you to those of you that have stopped by to visit. It has made some of our days go much faster and has been a good distraction. I cannot imagine doing this at Sparrow where the NICU was a group room and there really was no where to sit, store personal items or anything. Here we have a completely private room, a pull-out couch bed, closet, fridge, sink, and storage drawers.

For those of you that do wish to visit still, please make sure to arrange a time with us as we are limited to having four (4) people in Colten’s room at any one time. There is a family waiting area where additional guests can wait if we run over, but it might just be easier and less chaotic to set a time up with us. Plus, we are anticipating a few tests and procedures this week and would hate to have you show up when we’re no where to be found!

Also, Colten is currently off antibiotics, although he’ll be starting a low-grade dose antibiotic tomorrow, so if you have any sign of sickness or have been exposed to something contagious, we ask that you help us keep him and all these other NICU patients healthy by staying home. Get yourself healthy – there will be plenty of time to visit Colten after we get him home!

4 thoughts on “Note to Our Visitors!

  1. Katie, I’ve so enjoyed your updates about Colten and his family. Where do you get your energy? You’re an inspiration to all. Love all the pictures. You and Richard have beautiful babies. Colten looks like his brothers Hugs to all of you. xoxoxo

  2. Yes, Nurses are great aren’t they??? Glad to hear that things are progressing well and that you were able to get some sleep at RMcDH. I ALWAYS put my change and a dollar or two in the collection boxes when I order inside Mickey D’s. Take care, rest when you can and hug that little munchkin for us. Do you need more food yet???

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