Disney – A Few of Our Favorite Things

I asked the kids as I prepared this series of posts, “What were your favorite things about Disney?” And after hearing them say “everything!” repeatedly, I kind of forced them to drill down. But I will say, Disney is a daily constant in our house. Christmas was filled with Disney related gifts. They’re obsessed and […]

Disney Day 4: Hollywood Studios

Since the boys are all big Star Wars fans, this was a much-anticipated day as well! We stuck the “mild” day at Animal Kingdom between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on purpose, but the evening before was such chaos, it sure didn’t seem mild! We did the same routine this morning upon getting to the […]

Disney Day 3: Animal Kingdom

The day started off overcast but it was still warm and way nicer than Michigan! We quickly realized that having me take the two littles and all the bags allowed the older two and Richard to get through the entrance much faster and get in a line that was sure to be long. So we […]

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Due to long opening hours at Magic Kingdom this day, we packed in a LOT! It was beautiful weather and we got there early so we were able to jump in a few ride lines without a FastPass. Very first ride? Astro Orbiter. We could all go on – and Max even got a pretend […]

Disney – Jay’s Juniors Trip 2017

Magical. Overwhelming. Exciting. Joyful. Exhausting. Incredible.  Those are the words I used to describe a brief social media post with some preliminary pictures and they still hold true. The stories behind the trip though – absolutely amazing. (This post is probably one of the longest I’ve ever written with more pictures than you probably want […]