No News is Good News!

We have been home now since last Thursday and it is SO NICE! Colten is great – eats, sleeps, poops. And does it all again. And again. And again. Besides the constant stream of stuff into diapers (we are often putting one on as he soils it), the 1-3 medical appointments each week, and the inability to travel anywhere as an entire family due to his carseat, we for now have a pretty normal newborn. With a few extra scars and bandages 😉

Speaking of bandages, the shunt one is removed. The stitches are dissolvable:

We have some followup appointments still including one with the orthopaedic surgeon. We anticipate that Colten may need some bracing for either hip dysplasia or to straighten out his feet/ankles, but that won’t be determined for another couple of weeks.

So things are a bit chaotic here with three boys three years and under, but they’re goofy, crazy and they love each other.

We had a fantastic time at the pancake breakfast that the wonderful ladies from the Greenhouse Birth Center Village put on for us – THANK YOU ladies, it meant so much to us that you put so much time and energy into that event! And a huge thank you to everyone that came to visit, eat, and support our family! There have been other generous outpourings of support and a stream of delicious meals… Thank you to everyone. I am working on a thank you page (and tons of thank you notes), so stay tuned for that and more updates of course! But at least for now, a special thank you to Greg Kampe for some incredible support – we are overwhelmed by the extreme generosity from him and his circle of friends.

2 thoughts on “No News is Good News!

  1. Katie, I love reading this journal……………..and I especially love the pictures of the boys loving their little brother. You and Richard are blessed to have found one another years ago…….look at all the fun you’re having now! Love/prayers/hugs………..cuz – patricia o

  2. Dear Folks,

    So glad to hear that the shunt operation went well. What a little trooper this guy seems to be. He’s going to be a fighter—well, he’ll have to be with Parker and Max as slightly older brothers. I am praying that he will have lots of miracles, breaks, and surprises.

    You folks are so terrific!


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