Recovering, Arab-Style

I am incredibly tired so this is short. Colten’s surgery went very well. He’s doing great, back in the regular room. The probe part of the shunt, the piece that goes into the ventricles and starts the drainage process, was not functioning properly. It was early in the malfunction so they were surprised we caught it already and of course glad that we did! The neurosurgery team replaced that piece, verified that everything else was working and closed him back up. We will be here overnight for observation and recovery.

Not sure why he didn’t have this type of bandage the first time but here is Colten paying tribute to his Arabic heritage!

8 thoughts on “Recovering, Arab-Style

  1. YOU are doing a FABULOUS job!!!! Glad that all went well. Do you need anything? Hug that little bugger for me! auntie jani

  2. He looks so cozy! Glad to hear he’s on the mend again. Keep up the good job, Mama (and give him some kisses for us)!

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