Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Discharged! We are on our way home with a functional shunt (that hopefully lasts longer than two weeks) and a new battle badge (scar is an icky word).

Back to his turban bandage… My parents came last night and we had a little fun at Colten’s expense, celebrating his Arabic heritage:

When Colten’s turban bandage came off, we could see where they re-opened the incision on the top of his head, and also made a new incision behind his right ear. I didn’t ask specifics but I believe they do that to better access the various parts for testing without having to remove the entire shunt.


He seems a bit more in pain this time around and is on Tylenol regularly. When the doses are properly timed he is fairly content. Although I had a weird dream last night about him taking his hands and scratching at his incisions on his head. Just recalled that. Weird.

Well, we are busting out of this joint again. And while I love the staff and services, I would rather be home. And I’m sure this little trooper is tired of being poked, prodded, cut and stitched! But he’s still smiling…


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