First Zoo Trip!

Finally could get all three carseats in our Jeep Liberty since Colten can now back-lie! We will use the carbed for some upcoming longer drives but hope to be able to travel now as a family. Although Colten’s seat sits between Parker & Max. It could get interesting. Both of them were ecstatic to have Colten in the car!

Colten visited a zoo today for the first time to partake in animal watching and Boo at the Zoo – at Potter Park Zoo.

Oh wait. That’s right… He slept for the full three hours we were there. Except to wake briefly to eat and nod right back off to sleep. He didn’t even get any candy. Gotta love Moby wraps though – he was snug as a bug in our pumpkin costume!

Here are more pictures from our day if you’re interested…

3 thoughts on “First Zoo Trip!

  1. YIPPIE! Looks like a funfilled family day!! All the cute pictures of the 3 boys made me laugh. I didn’t even realize Colton was hidiing in there! HE SURE LOOKED SNUGGLEY! Glad to see he is doing so good and you all had a day off from appts and drs! Happy Halloween, and try and stay OUT OF THE KIDS CANDY, MOM AND DAD!!

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