Last Day B.C. (Before Colten)

Yesterday I had my last OB/Gyn appointment with Dr. Herta. Nothing special, just some information for prepping for the c-section and what to expect afterwards. We were scheduled for 2:00 PM tomorrow, Wednesday, with a check-in time of 12:00 PM. Then received a call this morning that they’re moving it to a 12:00 PM delivery, with 10:00 AM check-in. Less time sitting and waiting means less anxiety hopefully. Earlier is better in our opinion!

Dr. Herta confirmed she will do one more ultrasound before the c-section to get a final view of where exactly Colten is and where the sac is in relation to where they would like to do the incision. That is reassuring as the last thing we want is the sac to get punctured.

Today we had the fetal echocardiogram. Because Colten will be undergoing surgery they need to make sure there are no additional issues to contend with. If there are any heart-related problems, better for us to know that now in case we need to have a cardiologist at delivery, or lined up for further testing before surgery. Spina Bifida will sometimes be caused by a chromosome disorder (Trisomy 13 or 18) or just have other complications along with it. So Colten will undergo a few tests after delivery besides just head and brain monitoring. But today’s visit was just to get a better look at his heart.

Thankfully so far there is nothing of alarm, but the ultrasound tech and the cardiologist had a hard time seeing clearly two of the valves due to his position and size. They will recommend an echo on him after birth just for conclusive, full results. But it may not be necessary if attending docs don’t see/hear a need.

So we are enjoying our last evening as a family of four…

11 thoughts on “Last Day B.C. (Before Colten)

  1. I will continue to be thinking & praying for you Katie, Colten & your entire family, especially tomorrow! Love you all, Aunty Patty

  2. Hey babe! Thinking of you today and wishing you the best of , and may everything go well. Sending lots of love and thoughts to you and precious little Colten and the rest of the family!!! ❤

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