Colten, Untipped

Sunday night I was taking some pictures of Colten and realized he was holding his head completely differently than before.

[PLEASE NOTE: The Bumbo seat, for those that have not heard of it, is an infant seat that has been recalled at various times by the manufacturer after families filed complaints of their children falling out of it. We continue to use this molded foam seat in a safe, supervised manner according to the manufacturer’s instructions, except we do sometimes use it at our kitchen table when an adult is sitting with the child, which is actually against the manufacturer’s recommendations; they say not to use on an elevated surface. If you are anti-Bumbo-use, please do not read further!]

So I noticed Colten was holding his head very straight up. Since he keeps trying to do sit-ups in our arms to be more upright, I had pulled the Bumbo seat up for him to sit in. We had tried it a few weeks ago and he just wasn’t strong enough yet. But on Saturday, Colten had another ABM (Anat Baniel Method) therapy appointment. This is what I consider his “neurological” therapy in a way. As opposed to “physical” therapy. And then all of a sudden, Sunday he is holding his head up straight and tall!! The PT, Richard and I have been trying to work on this leftward tip with stretching and strengthening exercises and he remained tipped to his left until now! It seemed awfully sudden and drastic, so I’m really thinking this had something to do with the ABM.

Here he is super happy in the Bumbo, along with three pictures from the previous couple weeks where you can see clearly how tipped he was prior to this weekend.
Note that the upper right picture is taken from a mirror so it looks like he is tipping the other way. He is not šŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “Colten, Untipped

  1. Awesome!!! Go Colten!
    I always put a disclaimer on my Bumbo use as well. We use ours on the kitchen table too šŸ™‚ With supervision, of course!

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