Colten Finds a Foot!

Colten interacted with one of his feet today 🙂 This probably seems pretty silly to some of you, but it made me super excited! One of his goals that we set with EarlyOn, was that by 6 months of age, we want him to “know” he has feet, since he cannot really move or feel them. And when I pulled his leg up in front of his face today, he looked at it, reached out, grabbed at his calf, and pulled his leg towards his mouth, even getting his big toe in there for a second. It was all over in about 5 seconds but I was so excited in those 5 seconds, I almost cried! Now doing it once isn’t “proof” of anything – our PT at Mott told us if he can do something consecutively three times, it’s not random. I tried to get him to engage again but he seemed over it. Anyhow, screw the 3x rule, I’m still excited!!

And because you can never have too many pictures…


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