Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

A couple weeks ago, Richard and I went out to see the local high school play and his mom came by to hang out with the boys (thank you!). That little stinker Colten decided that he would roll over from back to belly for the first time while we were gone! Then over a week went by without another roll. Then he rolled for Richard. Then a few more days went by and finally yesterday, he rolled while we were playing! The look on his face after he did it was something along the lines of “See Momma? And you didn’t believe Grandma and Daddy… I can TOTALLY roll over all by myself!”

Other than that, at seven months old… he still sleeps through the night most nights, is happy as a clam most of the time, is getting introduced to various foods now, and just enjoys playing on the floor – especially when his brothers are around. He had a tooth break through, then it retreated back in, so he’s still actually toothless. No other medical issues recently – which has been nice, just some concerns about his bowels which I’m guessing he will one day not want to look back and realize the whole world (okay, at least those reading this blog) knows about them, so we’ll try to be a little discreet in that department.

[Brothers. Always in his face!]

[Feeding time]

He has been scheduled for a CT scan at the end of May to check and see if his head shape needs to be of concern. They thankfully scheduled it for the same day as some urology tests. Last time we went in for those tests they could not get what they needed because he was so fussy. We are hoping that he’ll be more cooperative coming out of sedation from the CT. I am very appreciative that Mott worked to make this happen per our request!

[It was a little chilly out this morning, but the sun was shining so out we went!]

Colten’s PT is still every other week, and his Anat Baniel Method therapy (“neurological” therapy) is every week. He seems to enjoy working with both therapists! The U of M treadmill study people see him every other week as well. He continues to not give one lick about taking steps on the treadmill, however, he did apparently bare some weight on his legs at the last session.

[Protecting his eating zone…]

We are excited to see summer finally arrive and have enjoyed many hours outside already. Boys do not do well cooped up in a house for such a long winter! We have a few things coming up this summer that are in our lives because of Colten, so I want to share…

May 13, 6PM, CASE Cares Miracle Field (North Lansing)
It’s OPENING DAY! The Miracle Field is a specially designed field used by teams made up of children with varying disabilities. The field allows for easy rolling and maneuvering for these kids – each paired with a buddy to help them bat, run and field. There are leagues all around Michigan so if you’re interested in learning more, volunteering or donating, you can certainly search around and find one. We are excited to take our family to Opening Day. We hope that this will be a long-time tradition for us – and that maybe Colten will want to play one day! How awesome would it be to see him out there, maybe one of his brother’s could even be his buddy?!
The Mid-Michigan League’s website and Opening Day information can be found HERE.

May 23, 6-8PM, Potter Park Zoo
For years there has been a sign near the playground right outside the zoo that highlighted a new accessible, barrier-free playground coming soon. Years the sign has been there. I figured the project was long-forgotten, then just the other day was informed that it really is coming to fruition! While I loved the idea of a barrier-free play structure even before Spina Bifida was part of our life, it now has even more urgency and relevance to our lives. So we very excited to see this happen, especially because we frequent the zoo a LOT! So, if you are interested in attending the fundraiser, here is the information. We would love to see others there!
You can view the flyer/details HERE. Pre-purchasing tickets may be a smart idea!

June 22, 9AM, Sterling Park, Monroe
Every cause has a walk, right?! So does Spina Bifida! Except it’s actually a Walk ‘n Roll 🙂 This year, the event is on June 22, at Sterling Park in Monroe. We are attending as part of a team from mid-Michigan. If you are interested in attending for fun or for fundraising, here is the main event website. The team we are participating with is the Mid Michigan Rollers.

That’s all for now! Off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday…

[Happy 7-months Colten!]


One thought on “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

  1. Hi Katie, Richard, Parker, Max, and Colten, When you read this, ask Max and Colten if they remember seeing me last Sunday when they visited their great-grandmother. Sorry I wasn’t able to wait until you arrived with Colten…….I’d been gone for many hours and my Maggie was patiently waiting at home to be taken for a walk. I love all the pics, especially Colten with feet in air and bottle in mouth. He’s such a cutie, just like his brothers. He seems to be progressing every day. Hugs to all of you………….xoxox

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