Colten’s Feet Play Piano

Here is a prelude to the video at the end of this post…

In case you have not been reading from “day 1” here, Colten was born 10/3/2012, with Spina Bifida myelomeningocele, level L4-5 (low lumbar). Colten’s spine and nerves did not grow in a typical fashion. He cannot feel parts of his legs and cannot move his feet or toes. But we are working with him to see if he can learn how to be more aware of these parts of his body. Since he is only two months, there isn’t much he is supposed to be doing with his legs right now anyhow, but whatever we can do to make connections is a step in the right direction. If we put his feet by the piano, the sound should encourage him to kick. Kicking will help make his bones strong and we hope it might help his nerves to be more aware and awake!

Tonight I got a great video of him playing on his mat. His reaction to the music (and to himself – there’s a mirror above him) are great! Feet themselves aren’t truly active, it’s mostly quad (thigh) muscle movements driving the leg but this is pretty cute and exciting for us!

Watch Colten’s Feet Play Piano on YouTube

4 thoughts on “Colten’s Feet Play Piano

  1. This is AWESOME. As I recall, at birth we were not even expecting him to be able to move his legs at all. and look at all that wonderful progress he has made with your TLC. What a doll, too. Thanks so much for sharing this. Prayers continue for each of you. Huggs,
    Mary Ann

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