They Said He Would Never Walk

I feel like I’ve started more than a couple posts with this sentiment, each time Colten has achieved some level of stepping/walking, with one type of mobility aid or another.

We were so proud and amazed when Colten started cruising along furniture, then walking through his parallel bars, then walking with his walker. It was more than we ever expected and it came at a younger age than we ever dreamed. Really, walking wasn’t even on our horizon during therapy because it seemed that far-fetched.

And now, over the past couple of months, we have been able to watch this…
Colten Taking Independent Steps

We haven’t been pushing the independent walking, it’s simply something he keeps doing, all day long! He tries, steps, falls, laughs, and does it all again! And the kicker is that somehow he’s able to catch himself and stabilize when he tips forward. We aren’t sure how based on the muscles the therapists think he has / doesn’t have. But he is doing it and loving it!

Watching him reminds me of this quote often attributed to Mary Kay Ash (although it is scientifically inaccurate anyhow):
“Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway.”

Because the rotation straps he’s been using (gratefully on loan from the ISD therapist) have worked so well to straighten out his feet and knees, one of his physical therapists requested his new AFOs include twister cables. I have never been so excited for new braces for this little guy!! We go Monday/tomorrow!

There are many reasons we’ve been away from the blog since October (yikes!), and we will catch up more with our readers soon. Thanks for coming back to read more today – we will certainly followup with a post after he gets his new braces. Have a great week everyone!

7 thoughts on “They Said He Would Never Walk

  1. My littlest grandson has proven time and again how awesome he is. I love the Bumble Bee quote. I love how Colten hasn’t heard that he’s not supposed to or not able ‘to do’ what he’s doing. Colten is truly inspirational. It’s so glaringly obvious that Colten’s family and friends love him and support him. There are no boundaries for Colten and he has certainly surpassed what the people who are supposed ‘to know’ – know. Way to go Colten! Reminds me of the lyrics….nobody gonna break my stride….nobody gonna slow me down…..oh no oh no, I got to keep on moving….!!!

  2. Colten has such a joy & an amazing family, that I love dearly. He has & will continue to beat the odds! He is blessed! Love, Auntie Patty 😊

  3. So Colten is now being compared to a Bumble Bee? Will he sting? I love watching his videos and am amazed at his energy. Thanks Katie for continuing these pages of Colten’s adventures….. and including his two older brothers. You and Richard have three sweet boys. patricia o xoxoxo

  4. He is clearly such a happy boy. What a magical moments for you and Richard to witness and celebrate. May he continue to do the unexpected…he is you and Richard’s son, so I am not surprised. 😉 Love you guys and sending love. His spirit is contagious!

  5. Go, Colten! Go, go, go!!!

    What does medical science know in the face of a very young indomitable spirit, an incredibly gifted and committed Mom and Dad, not to mention the mysterious movements of the graceful, loving spirit world! “If God is for us, who can be against!”

    Great Uncle Gordon

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