We’re On Our Way Home!

Colten had two more tests before being discharged, a VCUG and an MRI. The VCUG came back showing that Colten has urinary reflux back into his kidneys. So he needs to stay on antibiotics indefinitely. Urology will follow up with us in 3-4 months; surgery will be required to correct this issue – it is not urgent though. The MRI has not been read by neurology but it was really just a baseline MRI to have on file.


The great news is that I’m posting this from the car on our way home!!! We pulled out of Mott Children’s Hospital at 9:00 PM. I’m so happy, and Richard is so scared (nervous about hydrocephalus). But we have our 11 page discharge summary, supplies to get us started, and I have to take Colten back to Mott Monday morning for his follow-up cranial ultrasound.


So we are almost home… Parker & Max will get home tomorrow, and we will enjoy a family weekend before all the various appointments start flooding out schedule.

Thank you everyone for your support, for reading and learning with us, for the visits and well-wishes. We are amazed at how many people have reached out to us and we appreciate every bit of support! Thank you for joining us on Colten’s adventure!


11 thoughts on “We’re On Our Way Home!

  1. Wow! I was surprised and happy to read of Colton’s discharge already! That is great. Good Sign! Yes, I know you’ll both be kinda scared at first having him home alone and no nurses…. but that is exped , and you’ll settle down in no time. Probably not much sleep so take turns! ha ha ha He will thrive and be happier at home with his brothers and family around to help out and to spoil him, too. This little guy will be a blessing to your family and teach us so much. He has a great mamma and daddy who will always speak up for him and try and do what is best and listen to the expert Doctors on his case. There will be many phone calls to dr. offices that are frustating, therapies, or appts. that have to be rescheduled , insurance, government help etc….. I hope this doesn’t happen to you , frustation for special needs parents has been a loooog issue in this country. FIGHT FOR IT and WHAT YOU NEED NOW AND IN THE FUTURE…KATIE! God bless Colton and his family, as he continues his ADVENTURES.! H ope you are healing and feeling much better so fast.
    Can’t WAIT TO TALK TO MY GOOD FRIEND Louann J. when I see her at Choir when she is able to come back!

  2. Harold and I are so pleased that you all will be together as the new family of 5! We have been praying continuously for everyone involved in Colten’s care. All the photos are a blessing to see and we appreciate everything you are doing to keep us in the loop. On a personal note from your Aunt Carol, I know Colten, Parker, and Maxon have the most loving, compassionate, the absolute best parents they could ask for. Your road ahead will be different, but the new normal will soon feel like you’ve been doing it forever. Colten’s struggles ahead will be met with expertise from the medical field, love from his family and tons of prayers for all of you. Hugs and Kisses to the Pojeta 5 from the south!!

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