Oooo, That Stung a Bit

Today was the first day. The first time. The first of many, many times sure to be in our future. Today I was at an event in Lansing (The Great Cloth Diaper Change – a worldwide event in the Guinness Book of World Records!) and the mom/baby pairs were lined up in somewhat of an age order. The two little girls next to me were sitting up nice and pretty on the floor and looked close in age to Colten. At some point I inquired to the moms next to me how old they were. I should not have done that. See, we have been coming along nicely and we are feeling good about how Colten is developing at his pace with his own strengths. We know he’s a little behind the typically-developing curve and that’s ok. Because that kid is super happy and smiley and loves to laugh!

So anyhow, I should not have done that. But I did, and they shared. Their little girls were 5 1/2 months and 6 months. Colten is just over 6 1/2 months old. And the reality of it hit me square in the face that he will not develop along with his peers in regards to motor skills. And even though I knew that already, and even though I feel I’m okay with that, it was just a vivid, in-my-face comparison that I could not avoid.

This is the first time we’ve been around someone of the same age as Colten since he’s been born, so that is partially why this was so evident. Actually, I take that back – there was one other time my girlfriend was nannying for a young boy very close in age to Colten, but that was around three months of age or so and at that point, really, they aren’t doing much! I know that it will get harder as the next milestones come and go, and I know Colten will have his own strengths and he will accomplish many milestones at his own pace. It just stung a bit to have it hit home.

5 thoughts on “Oooo, That Stung a Bit

  1. Katie, God has many plans for Colten and that is why He placed him in your family where he will get all the love and care possible. I’m sure Colten will ALWAYS know this. Hugs to all of you. patricia o. xoxoxo
    (If that event was called Diaper Change, did they open any windows?).

  2. I know it can be a challenge not to compare, but I always try to remind myself that no one will ever know by the time he gets to college if he sat up when he was 6 months or 3 years old. Sending hugs.

  3. I am sure it was very hard, Kate, but you are a strong, amazing woman who will make it through all of this. I am so glad you have such good family & friend support too. Hugs to all.

  4. I’m sure it was a slap in the face–and will continue to be when it happens–inevitable when our loved ones’ “uniqueness” is visible. Keep calm and carry on. Love to all of you and give the smiley boy a kiss from me–

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