Helmet, Braces, and More Physical Therapy

How can I not start the post with a picture when this kid is so photogenic?! (Warning: this post is lengthy, but I scattered tons of pictures and videos throughout.) This past Thursday, Colten had his 9-month checkup with the Myelomeningocele Clinic at U of M C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. At the Myelo Clinic, each […]

Clapping, Rolling, Signing & Sitting

Bet you were wondering if we would go a whole month without posting… NOPE! Life has been very chaotic around here and I just have not had the frame of mind to sit and blog. As I sit in the older two boys’ room this evening, fighting my third bloody nose of the day, sweltering […]


Amidst all those crazy abbreviations for medical exams, today brought a weird allergic reaction, a pending test result, a fairly good test result, a series of unknown data, and an interesting observation. Oh yes, and a run-in with my favorite Mott buddies! Warning… this post is ridiculous in length. As in you might need to […]